Automate your Trading with Conditional Trading

A conditional order will allow you to set specific price conditions for your trade, and only when those conditions are met, our systems will place your trade in the market.

Conditional Trading Illustration

There is no cost to use conditional orders. You simply pay the normal brokerage rate that applies to your account if your conditional order is triggered and executed on the market.

Six types of conditional orders available

Falling Sell Order (Stop Loss)

Falling Sell Order (Stop Loss) Graph

Falling Buy Order

Falling Buy Order Graph

Rising Buy Order

Rising Buy Order Graph

Rising Sell Order (Profit Trigger)

Rising Sell Order (Profit Trigger) Graph

Trailing Buy

Trailing Buy Graph

Trailing Sell

Trailing Sell

Conditional orders are active for up to 12 months. Open conditional orders (orders where the market conditions have not been met) may be cancelled or amended as often as you like during the 12 month period. When all of your trigger conditions have been met your order will be placed in the market. You can set your order to be placed in the market for the day only or 21 calendar days.

We can also notify you via SMS and email when your conditional orders are received, triggered, executed and expired. To set your notification preference simply navigate to Alerts and Subscriptions and select the CTS Settings tab.

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