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Getting Started

Trading order buy sell execute execution trades

Once your account is set up, there are a number of ways you are able to place a trade:


Access the trading order pad from the home page of our website, select Trading > Share Orders > Place Order or view our step by step guide.

Westpac Share Trading Mobile App

Using your smartphone or tablet, you can place a trade on the go via the Westpac Share Trading mobile app available on the Apple App Store™ and Google Play™ Store.

You can log into the app using the existing login details to your trading account. Navigate to More > Trade to place an order.


If you don’t have access to the internet or a smartphone, or prefer to place your trade with Westpac Share Trading over the phone, you can call us on 13 13 31 Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 7:00pm (Sydney time) and we can place a trade on your behalf.
Please note that brokerage rates vary depending on whether a trade is placed online or over the phone. For more information on our brokerage rates, please refer to our Financial Services Guide (FSG).

Trading trade execute execution trades

CHESS sponsored shares are shares registered with a broker such as Westpac Share Trading and are linked to a Holder Identification Number (HIN), which generally starts with an ‘X’.

Issuer Sponsored shares are managed and held by the company’s share registry. These shares are then allocated a Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) which generally starts with an ‘I’.

Find more information on CHESS and Issuer sponsorship here.

Trading execute execution trades purchase

Our system uses a series of automated filters. Orders that pass all of these filters are sent straight to the market with no human intervention. As a client, you have access to Straight Through Processing (STP) when you place orders for listed financial products online or when you call us. Orders that do not pass all of the filters are reviewed by us and subsequently placed on the market or rejected. Orders can be rejected for a number of reasons listed below.
To find live data of order placements in the market, go to Quotes & Research > Quotes > Course of Sales. All orders are processed in accordance with our Best Execution Policy.

Trading Cancel Deleted trades

There are a number of reasons your order may be rejected or cancelled from the market.
These include:

  • To meet ASX market rules and regulations that protect against market manipulation.
  • If stocks have turned ex-dividend/ex-entitlement (eg. A cum-dividend share goes ex-dividend).
  • If the market has moved and orders are now too far from the current bid or offer.
  • If your order has expired before execution (Note: There is a default 21-day expiry on orders, unless ‘Good for Day’ selected).

Trading execute execution trades

New and amended orders will be checked to ensure they comply with the market requirements with regard to the Bid-Offer Spread. If an order is placed that does not meet the requirements it will be referred to a Designated Trading Representative (DTR) to check. If that DTR considers that the new order or amendment will cause the market in that particular security to be adversely affected they will reject the order. Examples where an order may be referred are:

  1. Where the price placed for a Buy order is greater than the current market bid; or
  2. Where the price placed for a Sell order is less than the current market offer with reference to the following measures:
    • A fixed percentage;
    • A fixed dollar amount; and
    • A maximum number of price steps for securities within different price ranges.

Trading price limit limits market expire expiry execute execution trades

Price Limit or Market Value

You can place a ‘Price Limit’ or At ‘Market’ order. ‘Price Limit’ allows you to provide a maximum dollar amount you are willing to pay when buying shares and the minimum dollar amount you are willing to receive when selling shares.

Alternatively, ‘At Market’ allows you to place the trade at the best current available market price which may not be a guaranteed price. Please Note, the ‘At Market’ option can only be selected during market hours – 10:00am to 4:00pm (Sydney time).

Find more on Limit Orders vs Market Orders here.

Conditional Orders

You can also place Conditional Orders via the Westpac Share Trading website. A conditional order will allow you to set specific price conditions for your trade, and only when those conditions are met, our systems will place your trade in the market.

Please note brokerage still applies where an order is executed.

Find out more on Conditional Trading here.

Trading price limit limits market expire expiry execute execution trades

A partially filled order occurs when your order does not entirely execute in a single transaction. Find more on Partial Trades here.

Trading price limit market expire expiry execute execution trades

‘‘Good for Day’’

A ‘Good for Day’ order is valid only for the trading day on which it is placed and expires at the end of the day, regardless of whether or not it has partially executed.

This method can be used if you prefer to reconsider an order that is not executed on the day it was placed.

What happens after expiry?

If your order expires and was not fulfilled, and you still wish to place the trade, you must place a new order. The impact of this action is that you will lose priority in the market and there may be orders ahead of you in the market at the same price.

Can I place an order when the market is closed?

Yes. ‘At Limit’ orders with order duration greater than ‘Good for Day’ can be placed through our website at any time or by phone between 8:00am and 7:00pm Sydney time, Monday to Friday. ‘At Market’ orders can only be placed during market hours.

Trading price limit market expire expiry execute execution trades

How to pay or receive funds for a trade?

You pay or receive funds for a trade through a process called Settlement. This is the process of exchanging money for ownership of the securities between the buyer and seller. This occurs 2 (two) ASX business days (T+2) after your order is partially or fully executed. For example, if your order executes on Monday, funds will be direct debited or credited on Wednesday and will clear overnight, provided there are no ASX non-settlement days.

Contra is an exception to the T+2 rule. Contra is the offset of your buys and sells where we debit or credit the difference. Find more information here.

How do I know which settlement account I have nominated?

To find your nominated settlement account, navigate to My Profile > Holdings & Accounts > Account Details
If you select BPAY® as your preferred method of payment, BPAY® payments must be received by us, at least one day prior to the settlement date.
Please note that some banks BPAY® processing times vary and your payment may not be received by us in time for settlement. If payment is not received by the settlement date shown on your confirmation, late settlement fees will apply. Check with your Financial Institution for BPAY® cut off times. If paying from a Westpac account, the BPAY® transaction should be completed by 2pm for receipt the following business day.

Your BPAY® details can be found by navigating to My Account > Holdings & Accounts > Account Details. Our biller code is 49122.

trading trades

Can I track my orders?

Yes. Navigate to Trading > Shares Orders > Manage Orders. Here you can view all Outstanding, Cancelled and Executed orders. If you have multiple accounts, make sure you select the account from the drop down list.

How can I amend or cancel my order?

If your order is still open, you can review, amend, and cancel your order at any time. Open orders are orders currently in the market that are unfilled or partially filled. If you cannot locate an open order to amend or cancel, your order may already have executed. If this is the case you will not be able to make any changes and you will need to ensure that you have sufficient funds or shares, as relevant, to settle the trade. Amending a partially executed order will only apply to those units still outstanding.

  1. Navigate to Trading > Share Orders > Manage Orders from the top navigation menu
  2. Select Outstanding Orders from the View dropdown list and click Display
  3. Select Action on the right-hand side and select Amend or Cancel
  4. Once finished, select Proceed, review the changes, and then click Amend Order/Cancel Order

How long will my order stay open for?

An ‘At Limit’ or ‘At Market’ order can remain open for up to 21 calendar days or until it’s filled or cancelled. You’ll need to specify a date when placing your order. An order may be partially filled over a number of days within this period. If this occurs, a separate confirmation will be issued for each part of the order filled. If the order is unfilled after this period, it’ll be cancelled automatically at market close on the expiry date.

trading trades

A ‘Rights Issue’ is an offer made by a company to its shareholders to purchase more shares in the company, usually at a discount. Renounceable Rights are a type of rights issue, which allows the entitlement to be bought or sold in the market while they are still valid. Those who own Renounceable Rights have two choices: they can either apply to buy new shares directly with the company before the deadline, or they can sell their entitlement in the market before the Rights expire.

trading trades

Yes, you are able to trade renounceable rights through our online platform with the relevant online brokerage rates applied. To place a trade for renounceable rights you will need to navigate to Trading > Share Orders > Place Order, or view our step by step guide.

Please note that the online functionality is not currently available for accounts trading through a margin loan, so if you wish to place a rights trade through a margin loan, you will need to contact us on 13 13 31 to place the order over the phone.

If you purchase rights, the confirmation note will specify payment of the cost of the rights purchased together with the application money. If you do not intend to exercise your rights you must advise us before the settlement day. If you elect to not exercise your rights and you have paid us the application money, you must advise us at least five business days prior to expiry and we will reimburse your linked settlement account with the amount paid. If you do not advise us, we will proceed to exercise your rights and you will be issued with the relevant securities. We can only exercise your rights where you have provided us with sufficient funds.

trading trades

Yes, all purchase orders must result in a purchase value of at least $500, excluding brokerage and GST unless you have a registered holding in the security with us. There is no minimum limit for sales.

trades Restrictions exceed execute execution

What is a trading limit?

Your trading limit is the maximum value of a buy order that you can place. It is calculated using a number of components and will vary depending on your cash account (whether you settle your trades using a Westpac Cash Investment Account (CIA) or another Australian bank account), and your portfolio value. Find out more on trading limits here.

What are my trading limits?

Your trading limit is calculated through the following components. These are then added together to give you a total available for trading balance. Any open BUY orders or unsettled contracts will be deducted from your trading limit.

  • Settlement account – A default limit of $10,000 is automatically provided with any standard direct debit/credit settlement bank account or BPAY® settlement method or the balance available in your linked Cash Investment Account (CIA)
  • BPAY® – Any available cash balance transferred via BPAY® that is directly held in the trading account.
  • Collateral balance – Your collateral balance is calculated as 100% of the market value of your CHESS sponsored holdings included in the S&P/ASX200 index + 50% of the market value of your stocks outside the S&P/ASX200 index

Can I increase my trading limit?

Yes, there are a number of ways you can trade above your current limit:

  • Cash Investment Account (CIA) – This allows your per trade limit to be based on the balance of your CIA instead of the default trading limit. If you wish to increase your trading limit and do not have a CIA, you can apply online for free, and link it to your trading account. To sign up, navigate to Products and Services > Cash and Lending.
  • BPAY® – You can BPAY® funds directly into your trading account. Your BPAY® details can be found under My Account > Holdings & Accounts > Account details. Please note that BPAY® payments can take 24-48 hours to be received.
  • Collateral balance – Trade using your holdings as collateral. This is specific to each account and you are still required to settle the full amount owing for your order on the settlement date.

Westpac Share Trading reserves the right to review, reduce or remove your trading limit at any time.

Can I remove my trading limit?

To remove the default trading limit on your account, you can get in touch with us through a phone call. However, it's worth noting that if you choose to remove your trading limit, you will usually only be able to make buy orders up to the amount of money available in your CIA account.

Trading loan execute execution trades

What is a Margin Lending account?

The Westpac Online Investment Loan, also known as a Margin Loan, allows you to borrow money to invest in shares or managed funds. Just like borrowing to invest in property, where the property is security for the loan, a Westpac Online Investment Loan is secured by shares and managed investments.

How do I apply for a Margin Lending account?

To apply for a Westpac Online Investment Loan, navigate to Products & Services > Cash & Lending > Margin Lending > Getting Started > Apply Now. Please note, margin lending is not suitable for everyone. Please consider the risks involved before applying. Refer to the Westpac Online Investment Loan Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for more information.

What is the brokerage associated with Margin lending trades?

If you link a Westpac Online Investment Loan or a BT Margin Loan to a Westpac Share Trading Account, you can trade online and will qualify for the internet brokerage rates on your Margin Loan trades.

Please note that there is a 48 to 72 hour time period to link your Westpac Share Trading Account to a Margin Loan account.

Trading loan execute execution trades

Navigate to My Account > My Portfolio > Holdings & Accounts and select the ‘Account Details’ tab. Here you can set your account to receive confirmations by email or post. Please note that only the primary account holder may select post. You cannot receive confirmations by both email and post. If you have multiple accounts, you will need to change this for each account you wish to change the confirmation delivery method.

Trading loan execute execution trades

Confirmations are typically sent out within a short period of time after an order has been partially or fully executed. If your trade executes over a series of days, you may receive a number of confirmation notes for that order.


You place an order to buy 1,000 units of XYZ, which has executed over two days starting on Monday. However, only 300 units were executed on Monday. As a result, you will receive an order confirmation at the close of the market, which will contain details about the 300 units that were executed. The settlement for these units will occur on Wednesday (T+2).

The remaining 700 units were executed on Tuesday, and you will receive a second confirmation note within 20 minutes after the execution of the order. These units will settle on Thursday (T+2).

You will not be charged additional brokerage should the same order execute over a number of days.

Find all your historic confirmation notes on our website by going to Trading > Share Orders > Confirmations.

Dividend Direction Service


Our Dividend Direction Service (DDS) offers you the convenience of having your Westpac Cash Investment Account (CIA) automatically nominated to receive the dividends from all your current CHESS sponsored holdings. We will provide your CIA details to the share registries of each CHESS sponsored holding and this bank account will automatically be nominated each time you purchase or transfer in new securities.

To learn more about our Dividend Direction Service (DDS), click here.

This service is only available to Westpac Share Trading accounts that are CHESS sponsored and have a linked Westpac Cash Investment Account (CIA).

Dividend Payments

  1. Login to the Westpac Share Trading website.
  2. Select My Portfolio > Holdings & Accounts > Account Details tab, then tick ‘no’ to Receive Dividend Payments Electronically.
  3. Click on the ‘Save’ button.
  4. You will see ‘Pending update’ status, indicating that our systems are being updated. The update can take up to 48 hours.
  5. You will need to contact the relevant share registry to arrange a new payment method if you no longer wish to direct credit your dividends from the shares that you hold on to your CHESS sponsored Westpac Share Trading Account into your Westpac CIA.


A list of upcoming dividends can be viewed within the Tools page. To access the page, navigate to Quotes & Research > Tools.

On the Tools page:

  1. Select the Upcoming Dividends tab
  2. View stocks with upcoming ex dividend dates and stocks waiting to be paid.


Dividend Direction

If you transfer individual holdings and you have opted into the Dividend Direction Service (DDS), once your holdings are transferred onto your CHESS Sponsored Westpac Share Trading account, we will automatically send your bank account details to the share registries for these holdings.

If you transfer your Holder Identification Number (HIN) to another broker, the eligible share registries will still have the details of your Westpac Cash Investment Account (CIA). You will need to contact the share registries directly to change this or consult your other broker.

If you transfer holdings off your HIN with Westpac Share Trading, and onto another HIN you will receive paperwork from the share registries to setup new arrangements. Please consult your other broker if you have any queries on this.


The Research Charting Tool can be accessed by navigating to Quotes & Research > Research.
The Research Platform is split into key sections to help you access the information you are after quickly and easily.

  • Market section – for a snapshot of intra-day market updates.
  • Sector analysis – to view sector performance.
  • Company information – to drill down further into company performance including financials, news, and charting.
  • Toolbox – for a range of research tools such as Stock Screener, Company Comparison and Corporate Calendar.

To find a Company or Exchange Traded Fund’s (ETF’s) Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating where available, simply search the company or ETF name or code via Quotes & Research > Research > Company on the website or click More > Get a Quote via the Westpac Share Trading App. Find more information about ESG here.


Take advantage of our improved chart overlays, additional technical and fundamental data points and Smart Text which will help interpret what the data is trying to convey via our Research Platform.

The Research Charting Tool can be accessed by navigating to Quotes & Research > Tools.
Or on the Research page, click on the Toolbox and select Interactive Charting.


Alternatively, to research a stock of interest:

  1. Click on the Security code search bar and enter the security name or code to obtain a summary of the security.
  2. From the tabs along the top select Charting
  3. You can select pre-defined charting settings or create and save your own.


There are a range of stock recommendations available on our Research page.
Click on the security code search bar and enter the name or code of the security you would like to view recommendations for.

From the tabs along the top select News, Research & Recommendations. This will show you the current recommendations from Morningstar based on different methodologies. Here, you can download the most recent recommendation reports covering a snapshot of the company and the analyst notes.
To view recommendations across a range of companies filtered by provider, market capitalisation and sector:

  1. Click on Quotes and Research > Trading Ideas in the top navigation.
  2. On the left-hand side of the page you will find ‘Recommendation Changes’ and on the right-hand side you will find ‘Current Recommendations’.
  3. To view all recommendations, click on the View all Recommendations link, directly below the above-mentioned modules.


Navigate to Quotes & Research > Research to view company announcements.
To access announcements for all stocks:

  1. Click on the Toolbox and select Company Announcements
  2. From here you can customise your announcement results by searching for a particular company, choosing which announcements to view or by date.
  3. Click the hyperlink description name to view the full announcement.
    All announcements that are Market Sensitive will display the following bell icon Research_bell

To view announcements for a specific company:

  1. Click on the security search bar and enter the name or code of the security.
  2. Select the Announcements tab to review the company’s announcement over timeframes from one day to 10 years.
  3. It will be presented in a chart format to allow you to view the security price at the time of the announcement.


Our Stock Screener tool allows investors to filter stocks based on different metrics. You can view stocks that match your strategy goals using our predefined screener based on Growth, Value, Yield, and Momentum. Alternatively, you can use our customisable screener to find stocks that meet your specific criteria. Some examples of metrics which you can filter stocks by include Sector, Market Cap, Dividend Yield (%), Franking, EPS Growth and Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E).

The stock screener tool can be accessed on the research section of the website by navigating to Quotes & Research > Research. On the main Research page, click on the Toolbox, select Stock Screener, and choose your criteria.



Yes. Interactive Charting can be used on our Research Platform which can be accessed by navigating to Quotes & Research > Research.


Click on the Toolbox, select Interactive Charting and click on Select Other Comparisons.

This option will give you the ability to compare your stock of interest against Australian Indices, International Indices, Sectors, Commodities or Currencies.



A Performance Heat Map is a visual representation of the performance of underlying instruments in a macro level view. It helps easily identify positive and negative performance with the use of colours. Green being outperforming and red being underperforming.

A Heat Map can be viewed on the Research Platform which can be accessed via the Quotes & Research page.
Heat Map views are available at:

  • Market Level – Breaking down the performance of sectors, equity indices or commodities.
  • Sector Level – Breaking down the performance of the stocks which are in the selected sector, with the ability to search large, mid, or small cap.
  • Performance_heat_map Performance_heat_map

    Compare research

    Yes. You can compare a company of interest alongside others in the industry by going to Quotes & Research > Research. Click on the Toolbox icon and select Company Comparison.


    Proceed by adding companies by name or code, to include them to the comparison.

    You can compare the selected companies by a range of different views including Quote, Performance or Valuation.


    For a company of interest, you can see company forecasts and financial information within the Research page of the website. To access the Research page, navigate to Quotes & Research > Research.

    To find company forecasts and financials:

    1. Click on the security search bar and enter the name or code of the security
    2. From the tabs along the top select Financials or Forecasts & Trends



    Performance of different sectors can be located in the Research section of the website. To access the research section, navigate to Quotes & Research > Research > Sectors.

    Use the tabs to view the different sectors including heat maps, peer analysis, relevant articles, and announcements.



    A list of upcoming IPOs can be viewed on Quotes & Research > Trading Ideas, then scroll down to Upcoming IPOs on the right-hand side of the screen.

    EOFY Statements


    Once the End of Financial Year statements are made available, you can download these by logging into your Westpac Share Trading account and navigating to My Account > My Portfolio > Statements.

    Find more information regarding account statements here.

    My Account


    There are two methods for transferring issuer sponsored shares held with a share registry into your Westpac Share Trading account.

    Issuer to CHESS Transfer

    You can submit an Issuer to CHESS transfer request online via My Account > Holdings & Accounts > Transfers, then select the ‘Transfers’ tab and complete the online form. There are no transfer fees associated with the Issuer to CHESS transfers.

    Alternatively, you can complete a Share Transfer form for accounts in exactly the same name.

    Please note: The shares you wish to transfer must have identical registration details to your Westpac trading account. The name and address with the registry need to match exactly with your existing Westpac Share Trading account. For example, we would be unable to accept a transfer where the share registry has ‘John T Smith’ recorded, and your Westpac Share Trading account has ‘John Smith’. Please ensure you update any mismatch of information with the share registry prior to completing the transfer.

    Find more information on Issuer to CHESS transfers here.

    Off Market Transfer for Issuer to CHESS Transaction

    Should your details not match with the registry and you do not wish to submit any changes, you would need to complete a Share Transfer form for accounts in a different name or to another party. This is discussed further below in ‘How do I transfer stock from one name to another name?

    Account B2B

    To transfer shares that are CHESS sponsored with another broker to your Westpac Share Trading account you will need to complete a Share Transfer form for accounts in exactly the same name.

    Please note: The shares you wish to transfer must have identical registration details to your Westpac trading account. The name and address with the other broker need to match exactly with your existing Westpac Share Trading account. For example, we would be unable to accept a transfer from another broker where the address is different to what is listed on your account with Westpac Share Trading. Please ensure you update any mismatch of information with the other broker or share registry prior to completing the transfer.

    Nominate whether you would like to transfer all of your shares (we will transfer your whole HIN), or only some of your shares to Westpac Share Trading, then sign the ‘Declaration & Signature/s’ section at the bottom of the form. Once completed, please return using either of the below options:

    Scan and email: securities@westpac.com.au

    Westpac Share Trading
    Reply Paid 85157


    To transfer beneficial ownership of shares from one party to another, for example, a transfer from MR JOHN SMITH to MRS JANE SMITH, without buying and selling on the market, you would need to complete a Share Transfer form for accounts in a different name or to another party.


    Your Holder Identification Number (HIN) is specific to you and identifies your share trading account on the ASX. Your HIN is viewable online by selecting ‘Account Snapshot’ in the drop down underneath the log out button.

    Account Snapshot

    Change Payment Options Direct Debit Settlement Payments

    In order to update the settlement details on your trading account, you are required to complete a Change of Payment Options and Direct Debit/Credit Request form available from Contact & Support > Forms > Download Forms.

    Once completed, please return using either of the below options:

    Scan and email: maintenance@sharetrading.westpac.com.au.

    Westpac Share Trading
    Reply Paid 85157

    To update your personal address details online, please follow instructions below. If you wish to update your company details or CHESS registration you may also need to complete a Change of Address / Contact Details form.


    1. Click on My Account located at the top of the home page.
    2. From the drop-down menu, under the sub-menu My Profile click Personal Details.
    3. Scroll down the page until you reach the Addresses box, once there you are able to click Edit and change your address ensuring you click Save once updated.


    In order to update your address details on a company/trust trading account or CHESS registered address, we require you to complete a Change of Address / Contact Details form available from our website under Contact & Support > Forms & Brochures: Administrative Forms.

    Once completed, please return using either of the below options:

    Scan and email: maintenance@sharetrading.westpac.com.au

    Westpac Share Trading
    Reply Paid 85157

    Authority Added

    Yes. You can authorise another person to operate your account or just view your account by electing that person via an Authority to Trade form, you can get this form online by navigating to Contact and Support > Forms and Brochures: Administrative Forms. The Trading Authority will receive a separate Username and Password to access your account.

    IRESS ViewPoint


    IRESS ViewPoint is a web-based software and is compatible with the latest version of the following browsers:

    • Chrome (preferred)
    • Mozilla FireFox
    • Safari
    • Microsoft Edge

    For the best experience, we recommend you update your browser to the latest version available. To help with this, we encourage you to have your browsers on an auto update schedule. Browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla FireFox will update in the background when you close and reopen your computer's browser.

    If you already have a subscription, you can login to IRESS ViewPoint through this website by going to Trading > IRESS ViewPoint > Launch IRESS ViewPoint.

    For further assistance please call us on 13 13 31 or securities@westpac.com.au.


    rewards points altitude

    If you execute and settle 15+ trades or spend $350 brokerage per calendar month, you may be eligible for a full rebate of each monthly subscription. A fee will be charged and subsequently refunded.

    • IRESS ViewPoint (Standard) – $79/month

      IRESS ViewPoint is a fully customisable desktop online trading tool that allows you to trade shares, warrants and options, all from a single platform. With IRESS ViewPoint you have access to real-time streaming data straight to your desktop, including pricing for ASX Equities, Exchange Traded Options, Warrants and Interest Rate Securities and Managed Funds.

    • IRESS ViewPoint (Professional) – $99/month

      The IRESS ViewPoint (Professional) package includes all the features of the IRESS ViewPoint (Standard) package in addition to Morningstar Premium research.

    Add ons for an additional cost:

    • Plus – $40/month

      Access to London Metal Exchange and International Markets and Indices

    • Domestic – $55/month

      Access to Dow Jones AU/NZ Financial & Market News feed

    • International – $67.50/month

      Access to Dow Jones Institutional News, London Metal Exchange and International Markets and Indices

    Find more information about what’s included in our News and Research packages.

    rewards points altitude

    In addition to the interest rate paid on your Westpac Cash Investment Account, a bonus variable Interest rate (currently 0.10% pa) is paid subject to eligibility.

    To be eligible to receive Bonus Interest, you must settle three or more ASX Trades^ via your linked Westpac Share Trading account within one calendar month. The Bonus Interest will apply in addition to the tiered interest paid to your account. Please note settlement for ASX Trades occurs two business days after trade execution.

    Bonus Interest will be paid on the last business day of the month and is calculated daily using the closing balance of your account on the last business day of the previous month and on each calendar day thereafter up to and including the second last business day of the current month. Bonus interest will be paid on balances of $5million or less.

    While earning bonus interest is always nice, we do not recommend that investment decisions are made solely for the purpose of qualifying for bonus interest.

    ^ASX Trades means trades in Australian shares, options, warrants, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs). International Equity and International Option trades are excluded.

    If you open a Westpac Cash Investment account while you have unsettled open share orders on your existing Westpac Share Trading account, you are not eligible to receive Bonus Interest until:

    • Your open share orders have settled or been cancelled, and
    • You contact Westpac Share Trading to notify your orders have settled or been cancelled (so that they may update your eligibility to earn Bonus Interest). Until you do both of the above, you will not be eligible to earn Bonus Interest – even if you settle 3 or more ASX Trades via your linked Westpac Share Trading account after opening your Westpac Cash Investment account.

    rewards points altitude

    You can check your trading history by going to:

    1. My Account > My Profile > Alerts & Subscriptions and select the Rebates tab.
    2. Tab_news

    3. Alternatively, go to Trading > Share Orders > Confirmations, select both ‘Buy’ and Sell’ order types, and search the required date range.
    4. Tab_news