You may have noticed some changes to your web experience

We’ve made some further homepage and website improvements to make it easier to manage your portfolio.

The homepage features a gallery of widgets most important to you. With an updated design and user-friendly interface, the homepage makes it easier for you to customise and manage your portfolio to best suit you.

Your homepage pulls together all the features you have told us are important to you, including the ability to view your portfolio/s, manage your watchlist/s, keep track of upcoming settlements, monitor market insights and more – all on the one page.

We appreciate that not all customers are the same, so you can now personalise your homepage by adding, removing, and duplicating sections.

Below is a short video on how to easily manage your homepage, along with some examples of how some customers might customise their homepage based on their investment goal.

The information provided is informational and educational only and does not constitute financial product advice.


1. Investing experience: Inexperienced / beginner

Limited holdings, interested in market movements and viewing the watchlists to make informed investment decisions when the time is right.

Layout suggestion: They have 2 main watchlists that they prefer to default on the homepage for quick viewing and market watch helps them understand movements across different filters.

Inexperienced / beginner

2. Investing experience: Experienced investor

To further grow the portfolio and to always have visibility of multiple accounts.

Layout suggestion: To have visibility of the accounts and to monitor the performance, along with the ability to monitor upcoming trade settlements on multiple accounts to manage cash flow, as well as market information to keep an eye on potential investment opportunities.

Experienced investor

3. Investing experience: Advanced investor

Trades daily using multiple accounts and conducts ongoing research for new opportunities

Layout suggestions: Track market movements, daily updates and news feed. To see the share holdings at the top of the homepage, and easily switch between account views to assess portfolio performance for each account. Multiple watchlists added for quick access to place trades.

Advanced investor

Widgets available to you:

  • Stock Quote or Search – Navigate quickly through the website or get a quote for a stock.
  • Share holdings – Quick view of your CHESS holdings and performance for all your accounts. Using the default tick box, you can set your most viewed account.
  • Watchlists – Set up watchlists to track stocks and the performance. You can have 20 watchlists and set your default to your favourite at the time.
  • Market Watch – Quick view of stock movements based off 7 filters including ‘Top stocks by % rise’ and ‘Top stocks by $ fall’.
  • Daily Market Updates – Snapshot summary of the ASX and World Markets provided by Morningstar.
  • Estimated Settlements – Shows the upcoming estimated settlements on your trading accounts. It will include the date of settlement and estimated amount that will be debited or credited. This calculation is updated throughout the day to accommodate for any offset buys/sells.
  • Most Popular Stocks – Quick view of the top 5 stocks bought and sold through Westpac Share Trading for the trade day.
  • Market Indices – Overview of the value and change for 5 different Market Indices.
  • News Feed – View the most recent market news and research articles.
  • Site News – Important information regarding updates or changes to our platform, service and offering.
  • Currency Exchange Rates – Compare the AUD against the value of 5 other currencies.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new homepage design, as we are always looking for ways to improve our website and add features that will improve your experience. Email us at

For more information and support on the new homepage, we have a dedicated Training and Relationship Team. Please email us and we will get in contact with you to provide training and educational support.

Updated: 23 July 2022

Updated: 15 June 2022

Published: 11 June 2022